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Prisoners Abroad

Christmas appeal

Jon Snow is patron of the human rights charity Prisoners Abroad, which supports British prisoners held overseas in countries including Thailand, Panama and Japan.

Far from home, British prisoners often live in conditions very different to those in UK prisons, sometimes without enough food, clean water or even letters from loved ones.

I’d already written several fundraising appeals for the charity and they needed a script for an online Christmas appeal. I wrote a script that tried to paint a picture of what it can be like to be a prisoner in Panama, and encouraged viewers to support the charity’s work.

Jon Snow’s video script for Prisoners Abroad

I spent four years in prison in Panama, in a cell I shared with 46 other men. My bed was the concrete floor by a filthy toilet.

If I protested, guards took me to a punishment area, and bound my hands and feet. They pulled a plastic bag over my head, and beat me. I lived every day in fear.

For days we had no water to drink, except dirty rainwater used to wash clothes.

In prison, if you don’t have money you are dead. You can’t live off the scraps they feed you. I saw a man hang himself because he couldn’t take any more.

This is prison in Panama.

This is a true story. David’s story. He can’t speak his own words because he’s still in prison – transferred to the UK now, fortunately. But it’s a story that needs to be told.

Prisoners Abroad is the only UK charity supporting all British men and women in prisons overseas.

Right now, they are helping over 1,200 people like David in 80 countries around the world – people far from home with no one else they can turn to.

If you believe, as I do passionately, that no one should experience the inhumane treatment David suffered, please support Prisoners Abroad with a gift of £10 this Christmas.

Your gift could, for example, help Prisoners Abroad send a small grant each month to someone like David, so they can buy vital food, clean water and essential medical care.

To someone like David, your gift could be the difference between life and death.

Thank you for supporting Prisoners Abroad this Christmas.

“The script is very good and aligns with the message we had in mind.”

Prisoners Abroad